Mutually exclusive

Two circles on their own

Lost in space all alone

One goes this way

While the other that

At two ends of the mat

On which the cat sat

Dividing reality

Through effect and causality

Taking an action and dividing into two

Splitting purple into red and blue

Where null is naught

And an alternative is wrought

Shaping, bending and twisting

Stoicly the subject is resisting

Defying logic and cubic structures

Out of the box with fractal ruptures

As you try to will steal to bend

Breaking lumbar never to mend

While splitting nature’s cycle

Turning a bike into two unicycle

Mutual exclusive takes one and makes two

Making problems when there was no issue

Splitting behaviours and dividing feelings

Is the strategy of these dealings

Inventing causes and effects

Never were any defects

Just like the conquerors of old

Divide and rule is what we were told

Make a problem and divide the people

Then construct a very high steeple

Make them climb up to the sky

Then fall down if they cannot fly

But if you choose to split infinitives

To willfully wrought final definitives

And take a crack at an eggshell

Be sure to choose the centre well

Take a pause and play the cello

Divide the parts into clear and yellow

The null hypothesis must be understandable

And the alternative is opposable

Once conducted, the experiment,

Sat deep within the secret tent

Often repeating the results

Never resorting to insults

Finally, to boldly make a custard pavlova

You’ll certainly need at least two ova.