The Seven Sisters of Action

Once their lived seven sisters

Upon the island of Ire

Until one day a man came knocking

And tore the island in twain

Dividing the sisters never together again

But the eldest Grace had a goal

All seven to dance around the maypole

And upon the world anew

To find Jane while the sky was light blue

Sitting upon a hill

Jane sat very very still

Watching the clouds and making a plan

And waving a lace steal fan

“Oh Jane, oh Jane

I found you near the open plain”

On such a clear day as this

So fortunate I was not to miss

They sat and pondered looking out to sea

Wondering where the other sisters might be

Where could they find the other five

Making a wish that they are still alive

They went in search for dearest Spell

Sitting by a wishing well

Singing with her heart pounding

Then her elder sisters came bounding

She hit the key and could specify

Where over the lands they must fly

To find the other sisters four

Before it would begin to pour

Perry was hiding out of the rain

Under a bridge in Uí Maine

Trying to perform a juggling act

When her sisters three arrived intact

Now the band of sisters four

Off to find three sisters more

Across the rapids that swirl and whirl

They search near and far to find Pearl

Who was standing by the river bank

Looking at the waters from which she drank

To perceive who was coming down the rapids rather quick

At that moment her sisters held out a stick

In a glance she saw Grace and Jane

Then Spell and Perry, in the day plain

Ready and willing to jump in the tub

Giving each sister a smile and a rub

Now off find Indigo upon the land so fair

Where could she be, perhaps with little Clare?

Heading off to the Silver mines leaving behind the boat

After they crossed a great fortress moat

Scaling the walls of granite stone

Humming along in melodious tone

There she was at the gate

Sitting with a food filled plate

Trying to interpret poison from fare

While there too was little Clare trying to compare!

Now all the sisters all together

By the gate as flighty as a feather

Not seeing who was coming round the corner

But a man, little Jack Horner

Clare, quite quick on her feet

Gave the man the plate from which to eat

There he sat with the plate of poison

In this cool and wet season

The sisters vanished without a trace

Singing a song like woven lace

After the thaw, May came around

The sun was higher above the ground

It was time to dance

Around the pole they did prance

Just as Grace set out to do

All seven sisters in the morning dew.