the 90° angle has such a finite end

it is so difficult to see what is around the bend

so many buildings look like toy blocks

stacked upon each other fixed with interlocks

all day long at our screens we stare

becoming equally rectangular and square

thinking in rows and cubic bits

there is not room for other shapes and fits

what about a pentagon with five equal sides

it can have a little star within it hides

or perhaps a dodecahedron if you like 3D

turn it around while you have a cup of tea

then the calendar has one month per face

and you can make sense of time at your own pace

or even the hexagon, the wisdom of the bees

giving you strength when your down on your knees

there are so many shapes out there to use

but I feel we are stuck in some cubic blues

all our words print in straight rows

while the farmer also treads in straight lines with her toes

even this poem goes from left to right and up to down

because our technology is still ruled by the crown

“Each person in there little box”

says the lion to the fox

so I can rule the jungle from north to south

with one roar out from my mouth

 now enough of politics and animals

I’m more interested in an array of diagonals

even the soccer ball has a unique shape

the truncated icosahedron can be laced up with tape

so why are we stuck with the 90° angle

it sends my hair in a frizz and a tangle

even the humble circle, quite ordinary to behold

or even a clam shell which can close on the fold

there is so much choice, perhaps to much to bare

so squares get stuck, unable to dare

is there a way to play with moulded shapes

or folded paper held together with sticky tapes

I want a communication device in the shape of a star

to pin to my lapel and call friends near and far