Subjective Analysis

Who are you?

And what is your view?

What do you think?

Is there a link?

To the choices you make

When you take a piece of cake

Is it based on your experience from previous cake you’ve had

Or is it from a book you’ve read saying chocolate is bad

And should it be omitted from scientific conclusion

Frankly, it is quite an impossible delusion

Everything you do, say and think is completely subjective

Especially when you believe your are being objective

Both are constructions of the mind

Denying it, makes you blind

And sound quite absurd

To your existence in the world

How you see and are seen by others

Is what makes you unique with your own strange range of colours

But there are some lines people confuse

With subjectivity and those who abuse

Discrimination, prejudice and bigotry

Are in the realms of hatred, disgust and misogyny

An irrational foundation to put someone in a box

Small and tight with one key and many locks

It is ok to have your own subjective opinions

But allow others space to breath and out stretch their feathery pinions

Gather knowledge and read some stories

But it does not make you owner of truth and glories

At the same time hold your own tale

Like a precious pearl on a boat with a sail

Tell your story with your own heart

Knowing who you are, is a start

Finding balance from within

Gaining perspective is where to begin

Just like Astraea up in the night’s sky

She calmly holds judgement below and on high

Holding the weights, but now there are more than two

How do you factor them all in? yes I ask you!

Some will meditate until they find their centre peace

Or stare at the data until their eyes close and minds cease

While others devise an algorithm, saying math never lies

But in the end it is your own focus from between your eyes

So now that we know subjectivity is unavoidable

Just be sure that you are certain and credible

So you will make a fluidic wake

When you choose a piece of cake