Pepper Dough

Memory is not a drive hard as stone
But a mass of spiced dough naturally grown
Space and thought in multivision
To begin multiply and division
Naming each grain of pepper like a star
Bringing close what is too far
Stringing together like connect-a-dot
Or new constellations to map and plot

Creating a mind whole and complete
Forever seeking new knowledge to eat
Neural nets cast out to the stars
In great ships or spacefaring cars
With spiral weaves circling in on itself
Like a tree growing around an elf

Counting in fives like forget-me-nots
Round and round finding new spots
With every new strand woven through
As beads run home like soapy dew
Slipping and sliding through the vortex
On a multitude of star treks

Once the data reaches the processor
To interpret and analyse like a professor
Upon completion of the spin
To show the image that lies within
Becoming visions on a screen
To all and sundry becomes visible and seen