To err is to stray

To find another way

It does not mean that it is wrong

Instead it is a different song

They say right, but try go left

While the heart beats with verve and heft


To err is human

When you zoom in

Observing life in every way

It frequently finds a way to stray

Following paths a plenty

Even more than 2020


For when there is life

There is a way

And to err, just means to stray

Off the beaten path in one’s own way


Sometimes you do agree

With others happily

But in the moment of a cross road

Looking at a poisoned skin toad

It might be wise to find another path

And stear away from orthogonal math


For to err is not wrong, but it is good and well

If you want to crack the bell

The one that tells us right from wrong

So you can sing your own pretty song

Just be sure to make it strong, proud and long


Then put it in everything you do

Make it true, especially to you