From Prison to Prism

Making sense of the world seems to become increasingly complex. Every new person who comes into it, adds something uniquely their own. So how to create experiences that many can enjoy. So I took to the forest for some inspiration. I always feel good in the forest, even a small one. No traffic, lots of trees and plants, birds, a sqirrel or two.

What is it about a forest that is so peaceful? Well…until a bear or a wolf show up, but even they will avoid you more than you might avoid them. Even an enourmous moose can cross paths with a wanderer in the forest and get enranged. But most of the time the forest is peaceful. Even with the few potential threats in a forest. Our cities no matter how large or small, remote or central, still feel less peaceful and safe than a forest.

So how could I base my design principles on nature? What does a forest do that most humans are incredibly hopeless at?

Clarity, Balance and Relevance. To those who live and thrive in the wilderness, everything is clear, in balance and relevant. This results in harmony, functionality, beauty, recovery, use and sense.Design Principles

How to apply this to technology? The way we build it, create it, design it. Also the ways we collaborate, the team work we engage in and the social dynamics between all kinds of people. So is it less about the outcome and more about the way we do things that bring about technology that is more usable to a greater variety of people. The way we listen, make eye contact, give space for others to speak, and when they do speak we give them time to complete their thoughts. Also, the silence allows all listeners space to contemplate on all that has been said, before taking the next step.

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