LEAN on me

When talking about LEAN systems, production and manufacturing, it is imperative to talk about balance. If you want to get lean, then you need to know how to balance in order to use less bulk (or matter) to maintain stability.

Intelligent systems know how to balance needs and wants with resources and availablity. But LEAN systems primarily focus on getting lean, and end up leaning on everybody else to bolster them up.

At least if you have a lot of bulk, you can rely (to some degree) on gravity to hold you up. If you have little bulk with no balance, then you end up flailing in the wind and falling flat on your face.

It is a bit like someone who constantly seeks emotional reasurance from those around them while using up all the good air in the room with non-stop verbal nonsense (like Hollywood, Fox News and CNN filling the air waves with toxic waste). Sometimes the world need a little stout silence, diligence, thought and considered opinion before jumping the gun on LEAN systems.

Frankly Nature’s systems make a whole lot more sense. Take what you need, grow or make what you can, share or give of what you have excess. No hoarding, limited storage, minimal transport, and above all learn to do more with what you already have.