Interaction Techniques

The technique of interaction

Is a thoughtless intention

Of terran and machine

With natural reflection green

When movement is degrees times six

Feeling constricted without a fix

As we strive for one plus infinity

But get misdirected in the vicinity

For intent is greater than x,y and z

And expression can live buried in the head

Or deep in the belly it can rumble

While thoughts fall down and tumble

So how do we find those feelings

And machine read those inner dealings

That cannot be plotted or read in book

They are even difficult to discern in a glance or look

How can we relate to something made of stone

With an electric charge running out of tone

As we touch a screen do we loose ourselves

To the those machine living elves

That bit of contact we make vibrotactile

While verses of algorithms run and compile

Or when does our input of gesture display

As output on a screen or a voice to say “Hei”

With mid-air gestures of isotonic input

Free as a bird from head to foot

Or are we constrained to isometric movement

As we press the screen not making a dent

Even with an elastic flex of a joystick bend

To move light or message send

There is so much more to interaction technique

But for now I’ll leave you in a veneer of mistiqué.