Human-Centered Design

Designing for people

But who are people?

Do we even know what we like?

To take a walk or go on a bike?

How do we know unless we try

Something different and make us ask why?

Or do we stay in our own flower pot

Even though we whine when it gets too hot

Or even too cold on a mid-winter eve

Hanging out with our best friend Laura or Steve

So if you are going to ask someone for their thoughts

Open it up to more than ones and noughts

Don’t lead them down some directed golden path

That you have laid out with your logic or math

The point is just to listen to someone else

Give them space to really express

Whatever it is that is on their heart

Perhaps that is the place we can all start

By standing on the same earthly ground

To make a connection with those all around

And using our own unique genuine sound

Then listen to all that they are saying

With their words and how their body is playing

Read all the signals, they are all loud and clear

If you can listen with your heart and not just your ear

Then figure our what it is you can bring

To reality to make us all smile and sing

What we need is a little more magic

Otherwise life will just stay boring and tragic

Perhaps some gadget that can help us belong

While keeping our individuality unique and strong

You could even jot down all the answers

Re-arrange them like choreographed dancers

Putting them on coloured bits of paper

And sorting them out better sooner than later

Play around with all your new info

Until you find your direction and flow

While letting all those people’s voices interlace

Draw some pictures of your dreamy interface

Try find a way to bring a smile to the face

Then you know your wireframe is not lost in space

If you enjoy the work that you do

Chances are others will enjoy it too

There will always be people who will bring it down

But listen to them very well even though they yell and frown

For they are the ones that keep you on the ground

And warn you of trouble that might come a round

It’s better to keep all your battles small

Before they get make you crash and fall

So listen well to all your doubters

And to all the depressing pouters

For they will tell you all their troubles

But with a wand you can pop them like bubbles

Then go back to the drawing board to see if you still smile

Otherwise consider a change or two, but keep the old ones on file

Or you can also just throw it out, it is not a crime

But most ideas have a place at some point in time

It might take a year or ten

To need that idea once again.

Ultimately, human-centered design

Is like a spiraling leafy vine

But never closing like a loop

Or a circle or hoola-hoop

For time is always taking us around and out

Like the water from a teapot spout

The line is not straight and square

It curves around like the wind blown leaves in the air

All ends up rather fair and equal

As odds and evens are in sequal

So trust your heart, head and instinct

They are all in the end interlinked

When it comes to designing for people

First get down off that high steeple

Come to the ground and listen and wait

The answer will come before it’s too late