A Multimodal Culture

A work in process…

For many culture is an illusive pervaisive and ubiquitous routine. It is the miniscule repetitions performed day in and day out. Every singling action from how you drink water, sit to have a meal, walk along a path and all the other little actions you might take for granted. Until the network that supported these little actions are gone.

Then you need to carry on yourself.

You also need to decide which actions you want to keep and which ones to shift. Which ones suit your new environment and which ones do not. Which ones keep you moving forward and which ones hold you back.

Many of us are not even aware of these actions until we hit a wall. A wall can appear in many forms if we move to a new city or country, the local culture may be different and the people around will no longer respond to our actions in the way we were used to. For better or worse. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. But it may be an opportunity to re-evaluate and grow. It can also be an opportunity for your new local community to adapt. Change is not just for the newcommers. Locals also can learn new cultures from those new to their community.