Dear Reader,

In September I will be embarking on an academic journey through the world of Human-Technology Interaction in the pursuit of a Master’s Degree at the University of Tampere. And in the spirit of information and knowledge sharing, I will be posting my thoughts, ideas and aha-moments in this log. Here you may find my class notes, assignments and questions to which I will hope to promote discussion and, in turn, gain insight.

We are all together in this big ball of water and earth circling through space, it would be short sighted to not be willing to share what I know. And I also know that not everyone has had the opportunities I have had. So I hope to share these stories with anyone interested or willing to read them.

This topic is somewhat new to me, so through my prose I will weave my work experience in training and systems analysis, as well as my love for technology and science fiction.

In truth, everything here is just stories, as the final proof will be in the pudding…when something is actually made and constructed from these stories…perhaps a spaceship…*looks up at the stars*


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