The real meaning of mathematics has been lost in obscurity as teachers are trained to pound boolean operators into the minds of others. It is an endless negative cycle to empower only those who browbeat and grope thoughtlessly in the dark. So I wish to discover a new mathematics. It will not be the kind of mathematics approved by the limited intelectuals trapped behind layers of beauracratic endevour or those who have crawled on their hands and knees in the spiral pipe of close-minded thinking.

Mathematics is not about being approved of by others. It is a way of simply describing a possiblity. There is no mystery. It is just a tool of applying symbols to events, codes to observations and limits to the limitless so it can be understood in a quantifiable way.

Mathematics is as much a part of culture like art and language. It is also as meaningless. Mathematics has no more or less value than a painting.

But there are those who demand otherwise. But this is not for them.

This is a matter of poetry and the heart.