Research Methods in HCI

These are some notes I have made from the book:

Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction

by Jonathan Lazar, Jinjuan Heidi Feng and Harry Hochheiser

The best place to put an outline is on a wall


Making sense of research methods is like making sense
of snow blowing in a storm.



Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: Experimental Research

And for something about different approaches to investigation, click on the link and you will discover more of this citation.


Chapter 3: Experimental Design

For a poem on factorial experimental design, not too shaby though neither too fine. (which relates to section 3.4.1 Factorial Design, p53-55)


Chapter 3: Experimental Desgin – Influence and Errors

 “Experimenters may intentionally or unintentionally influence the experiment results.” p61

So if you want to discover the subject of which it is your seek, you will need to know what it is to tweak.

And now for a verse on experimental design; a general summary, not too nummary.


Chapter 4: Statistical Analysis

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